What We Do


As our company name implies, we our commercial acquisition specialists. We offer every type of property in the OFF market industry, however our customers have us concentrating mostly on Multi Family Units followed by Hotels, and Single Family Portfolios.

We have a variety of properties including A,B,C, and D Class. We specialize in Value-Add and Distressed properties.

We do have Real Estate Agents and Brokers on our team for their expertise and if any Buyer desires a listed property. We also have an Attorney for any legal questions that may arise.

After you have purchased your property, later down the road when you are ready to cash out,  we can assist you with selling the property. Or, if you currently have other properties in your portfolio, we would be delighted to set up a consultation with you on how best to market those properties.


Let us show you how we can provide you OFF Market industry exposure to thousands of Buyers with our direct marketing strategies. You also won’t be paying up to a 10% commission like you normally would with a commercial real estate agent or broker. We will be there from our initial consultation through the closing of the property.

We will properly evaluate all financial statements and BIO before submitting documentation to the Seller. This streamlines the process for quicker closing.

We hope you will give our team a chance to serve you now and in the future .

Closing the Deal.

With decades of experience in the trade, our skilled team led out by our Director of Buyer Acquisitions has the connections and work ethic to close even the most unique opportunities. Submit your application to join the select list of acquisition partners.

Developing Partnerships.

Once our customers, forever clients. The byproduct of our merit is repetitive results and referrals. Find much more than a deal, find a partner.